Brewers: It's Time to Bring Back Some of That Old Craigtember Magic

A strong finish in the final month of the season would help bring the Brewers back into the playoffs.

Kansas City Royals v Milwaukee Brewers
Kansas City Royals v Milwaukee Brewers / John Fisher/GettyImages

It's just about time to flip the calendar page away from the month of August and the vibes around the Milwaukee Brewers are good (much better than last year at this time, anyway). The Crew are three games up over the Cubs in the division and now about to head into the very important month of September.

Or, should I say "Craigtember?"

Most Brewers fans should be familiar with the concept of Craigtember. The term originated back in the 2018 season when the team's fearless leader, manager Craig Counsell, led the team to the first of a franchise record four straight playoff appearances.

Milwaukee needed every bit of that Craigtember magic in 2018. The Brewers were four games back of the NL Central leaders and in third place heading into the final month of the season. They then went on an amazing 19-7 run, tying the Cubs for the division lead and forcing a tiebreaking game 163, which they won on the road in Wrigley to take the NL Central crown.

The Brewers found themselves in a similar situation in 2019, down 6.5 games in the divison and again in third place going into September. This time, they went 20-7 in the final month, and though they didn't end up repeating as NL Central champs, they were able to grab a Wild Card spot and get back into the postseason for a second straight year.

It's time for the Brewers to bring back some more of that good old Craigtember magic.

The following season's September didn't go quite as well as the previous two as the Brewers went 13-13 in 2020. That was a strange year, though, as the Covid pandemic forced MLB into a shortened season and Milwaukee ended up making the expanded playoffs but with a losing record.

Things looked better the following two seasons. The Brewers went 14-12 in September, locking up a the division early and coasting a bit at the end going into the playoffs. And though there was plenty of turmoil to end the 2022 season, the first one in five years in which the crew failed to make the postseason, they did still finish with a winning record (15-13) in the month of September (though they went 2-3 in October in just missing out on the playoffs).

All in all, the month of September traditionally goes well more often than not for Craig Counsell's squads. He has a winning record in the month in every one of the seasons that he has managed except for two: the 2020 season that saw him go exactly .500 and his first season, 2015, when he went 13-15 with a team that wasn't very good to begin with.

Even though the Brewers have a lead in the division and their playoff odds are looking good, a little Craigtember magic couldn't hurt. With the Cubs not looking to go away any time soon, a strong month could help finally provide some separation. Plus, it always helps to be a hot team going into the playoffs. Just look at what the Washington Nationals were able to do as a Wild Card in 2019.

Starting tomorrow, Craigtember will be upon us and the Brewers will attempt to start a new playoff streak. Let's hope Milwaukee fans are given good reason to celebrate once again in 2023.