Checking In On Our Brewers Bold Predictions From Before The Season

How have the bold predictions looked so far?
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Every year at Reviewing the Brew, I write up some bold predictions for the upcoming season. Sometimes they end up coming true, sometimes they don't even come close.

Prior to the 2023 season, I made five bold predictions about the upcoming Brewers season. With about six weeks left, let's check in and see how they're holding up.

Brewers pre-season bold prediction #1: Rowdy Tellez becomes a first time All Star

Verdict: Wrong

It was believed that with the ban on extreme shifts, Rowdy Tellez would see some solid improvements at the plate this year. He was trending in the right direction and seemed primed for an excellent year.

Honestly, through about May 22nd, this prediction was tracking pretty well. Tellez was hitting a solid .255/.350/.547 with 12 homers and a .897 OPS. He was slugging homers and getting on at a pretty high clip.

Then, everything hit the fan after May 22nd. He went from a nearly .900 OPS to a sub-.700 OPS by the end of June. He hasn't hit a single home run since May 22nd. Of course right as Tellez was hitting his slump, All Star voting was going on. He went from a potential contender at the start of voting, to quickly falling by the wayside because of his lack of production.

Tellez was looking like a potential All Star through the first six weeks of the season, but it takes more than a six week stretch to make someone an All Star.