Grading Bleacher Report's bizarre proposed trade for the Milwaukee Brewers

Could Corbin Burnes be traded to Baltimore?
Milwaukee Brewers v Miami Marlins
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The Milwaukee Brewers’ perspective on this trade with the Baltimore Orioles

The Brewers just won't do this trade. There has been interest in Burnes from a plethora of teams and Baltimore could be one who would look to add him to their pitching staff.

Milwaukee does need to find a first baseman that is well known and Tyler Black could arrive anytime soon in the clubhouse to battle it out for the third base slot. Mayo, as mentioned, is a talented player and would be someone the Brewers would look to as they attempt to tie down the corner positions.

In Triple-A, Mayo hit .267 and had an OBP of .393. Add on 12 home runs and 55 RBIs and he is a dangerous player at the plate. His arm leads the way on his scouting grades at 70 and then his power follows next at 60.

Mayo fits the Brewers timeline well with top prospect Jackson Chourio set to be the cornerstone of the franchise moving forward. The pitching staff is forever finding gems and with multiple highly ranked pitching prospects that area looks solid moving forward.

Moving the 2021 NL Cy Young Award winner and one of your best prospects for one prospect would just be ludicrous from Milwaukee's point of view. I understand the potential of losing Burnes and getting nothing in return, but the idea of moving Gasser as well for one player is crazy.

If the Brewers were to use this package of sending Burnes and Gasser somewhere, I would be expecting it to be for another star player in the league or for multiple high ranked prospects and I mean 1st and 2nd ranked within organizations that can go on and be the faces of the franchise.