Milwaukee Brewers 2023 Pre-MLB Draft Superlatives

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2022 MLB Draft
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The Brewers shouldn't... Draft Enrique Bradfield

I've seen this pick in some mock drafts recently, and it concerns me. There's a decent chance that Enrique Bradfield won't even be available with the 18th overall pick. If he is, I could see the Brewers falling into the temptation to draft him.

Bradfield is an elite athlete and a fantastic defender in centerfield. He's the fastest player in the Draft by far. These are things that are graded very highly in the Brewers model and would likely put him high on their board. Bradfield's hit tool, however, doesn't have exciting upside. Bradfield doesn't have much power, mostly hitting the ball on the ground and does very little damage at the plate, but his focus is just getting on base and stealing.

Offensively, Bradfield would have the least amount of upside of any of the top outfielders in the Brewers system. Garrett Mitchell, Sal Frelick, Joey Wiemer, and Jackson Chourio all have similarly elite speed and defense in centerfield but all of them have much higher offensive potential and upside. Milwaukee would be better off spending their first round pick on someone else.

The Brewers must... Improve pitching depth

You can never have enough pitching. High upside arms is their biggest need, but just stocking up on arms in general is something they must do during this Draft. Last year, the Brewers signed seven pitchers from their Draft class. Four pitchers from Day 3 did not sign.

21 of the Crew's top 30 prospects are hitters and if pitching is going to remain a strength of this team going forward, they need a steady pipeline of arms coming up.

Don't forget about... JuCo pitchers

One of the more overlooked demographics among fans and even some teams are Junior College pitchers. The Brewers, however, don't overlook them. Milwaukee has selected one or more of the top JuCo arms in the country in five of the last six drafts with great success. The only year they didn't was the 5 round Draft in 2020.

We've taken a look at the top JuCo pitchers in the country this year and it's highly likely the Brewers go this route once again. I'd be quite surprised if the Brewers don't take a pitcher or two from a junior college within the first 10 rounds of the Draft.