Milwaukee Brewers 2023 Pre-MLB Draft Superlatives

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2022 MLB Draft
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Don't be surprised when... The Brewers avoid a pitcher in the 1st round again

We've just been going over a lot about adding pitching in this Draft, but that doesn't mean it's something they'll address in Round 1. There may be some top pitchers on the board at 18 overall, but if there are college hitters they like as well that are available, I'd expect the Brewers to go with the bat.

Hurston Waldrep is the only college arm that would fit the Brewers tendencies in Round 1 that could be available, and even he may be gone by the 18th pick. Sure, Paul Skenes, Rhett Lowder, and Chase Dollander also would be great selections the Brewers would love, but those guys aren't falling to 18 overall.

High school pitching is also an area the Brewers tend to avoid, not just in the 1st round, but overall. If the Brewers go with another hitter in the first round, don't be shocked.

Most likely pick at 18... SS Matt Shaw, SS Tommy Troy, OF Enrique Bradfield, SS Jacob Gonzalez, SS Jacob Wilson

Four of the top five names here are college shortstops, and the other is a college outfielder. This draft is shaping up to have several talented college bats go in the 10-20 range of the first round and the Brewers will be choosing from who's left.

All five of these players will not be on the board when the Brewers are on the clock. But it's highly likely at least one, probably two of them will be there to pick from. Wilson and Gonzalez were seen as higher draft picks earlier on in the process, but have started to fall lately as Shaw and Troy seem to push up the board.

As stated above, Bradfield's speed, athleticism, and defense will make him stand out to Milwaukee and if he's there, it'll be tough for Milwaukee to pass him up but if one of these college shortstops are also available, I could easily see the Brewers going that route instead.

If this prospect is available, draft them no matter what... SS Matt Shaw

Of the five on that list above, Matt Shaw is the one that makes the most sense for the Brewers. He fits their tendencies, put up strong numbers, and would be an excellent value with the 18th overall pick.

Shaw's an elite athlete with plus speed, plus hitting ability, and above average power. He can stick at shortstop, which the Brewers will love, and can make a huge impact with the bat. He walks more than he strikes out and can be an impact bat in the lineup.

If Matt Shaw is there, the Brewers have to pull the trigger.