New 2024 MLB Mock Draft gives Brewers yet another exciting college hitter

The Brewers land a top up the middle talent in this latest MLB Pipeline mock draft
Virginia Tech v North Carolina
Virginia Tech v North Carolina / Eakin Howard/GettyImages

Coming into 2024, North Carolina Tar Heels centerfielder Vance Honeycutt was considered among the many potential names for the first overall pick. The Brewers, unless they won the Draft Lottery, which they did not, had no chance of selecting him.

Things have changed through the course of the 2024 college season. In the latest mock draft over at MLB Pipeline, the Brewers are able to snag North Carolina outfielder Vance Honeycutt with the 17th overall selection.

Honeycutt would give the Brewers a fifth straight college hitter in the first round if he's indeed the selection.

North Carolina outfielder Vance Honeycutt projected as a potential Brewers first round pick.

Honeycutt has gone from the top of the draft conversation to now in the middle of the first round, meaning he's fallen quite a bit. The reason for that fall appears evident in Pipeline's blurb on their Brewers selection.

"Honeycutt has the best tools in the college class but also alarming strikeout rates and in-zone swing-and-miss percentages, so he both enthralls and frightens clubs at the same time. Some teams think he won't last this long, while others believe he could drop into the late 20s."

The Brewers love tools and athleticism at an up the middle position, which Honeycutt possesses. He also was a multi-sport athlete in high school, winning state in football as the starting quarterback and winning state in baseball. However, they have gone away from hitters with high strikeout rates and swing and miss troubles. There's high reward if they can figure out how to cut that down, but the risk is equally high.

Honeycutt's a power-speed threat if he can make enough contact. He's also a well plus defender that can stick in centerfield.

This season for the Tar Heels, Honeycutt is hitting .319 with 22 homers and 28 stolen bases. He's also drawn 33 walks but struck out 68 times so far in 210 ABs, which means he's striking out about 28% of the time. For a college hitter and projected first rounder, that's very high.

The Brewers have gone heavy on college bats early in the draft these last few years, and Honeycutt would continue that trend. He has tools, athleticism, and plays up the middle, which all fits Milwaukee's M.O. However, the high chase rate and strikeout issues does not fit their M.O. and could very well push the Brewers in a different direction come Draft day.

We're less than two months out now from the first round of the 2024 MLB Draft. A lot can change between now and then as the college regular season winds down and the NCAA Tournament winds up.