The next great Brewers leadoff hitter is already here and Pat Murphy should make the move

Brice Turang is deserving of opportunities in the leadoff role
Apr 30, 2024; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA;  Milwaukee Brewers second baseman Brice Turang (2) hits a
Apr 30, 2024; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; Milwaukee Brewers second baseman Brice Turang (2) hits a / Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Milwaukee Brewers have a leadoff hitter solution staring them right in the face, and it's time for Pat Murphy to give the solution a shot. That solution is Brice Turang.

For the bulk of the season, Sal Frelick has been getting the everyday ABs in the leadoff role. He hasn't been doing a terrible job either, hitting .252 with a .328 OBP, but he hasn't exactly been thriving in it either. The Brewers were planning on heading into the year with Garrett Mitchell atop the lineup, but a hand injury has kept him out for the first two months.

Mitchell is a sparkplug with contact ability and speed that makes up a perfect leadoff hitter type. Sal Frelick has those same kinds of skills, but he just hasn't been doing as good of a job as another top of the order type of hitter.

Brice Turang is deserving of opportunities in the leadoff spot for the Milwaukee Brewers

This season, Turang has taken a quantum leap in production, hitting .299/.367/.411 with a pair of homers, 12 walks, and just a 15% K rate. He's also leading the team with 14 stolen bases and hasn't been caught once yet.

Turang has been doing this primarily out of the bottom three spots in the batting order, although of late he's jumped up to the 5th spot. Pat Murphy told everyone before the season that Turang was primed for a "quantum leap" and that leap in production has occurred. Now it's time for Turang to take another quantum leap up the batting order to the leadoff spot.

He's getting hits and getting on base at a much higher clip than Sal Frelick, he's stealing a lot more bases, and he's striking out far less, everything you want out of a leadoff hitter. In 31 games for both Turang and Frelick, Turang has struck out just 18 times while Frelick has 29 strikeouts. Frelick also has just four stolen bases and has been caught twice. Frelick is the only Brewer to this point that has been caught stealing more than once.

While there's different pressure on a leadoff hitter versus a 7-hole hitter, Turang's success this year in validating Murphy's confidence should lead to some opportunities soon in that top spot. He's already being bumped up to the 5th spot in the order because of his production.

Moving Turang to the leadoff spot and getting him on base and stealing bases ahead of William Contreras, Christian Yelich once he returns, and Willy Adames should generate more runs for this offense.

He's always profiled as a top of the order hitter and now that he's found success and confidence at the big league level that he didn't have last year, Turang now appears ready for that leadoff role and given the way he and the rest of the lineup are playing right now, he's the best option. Turang's skill set could make him the next great Brewers leadoff hitter and it's staring Pat Murphy straight in the face, waiting for an opportunity.