Where do the Brewers Rank in Days Lost to Injury so far in 2023?

Milwaukee Brewers v Tampa Bay Rays
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As the Milwaukee Brewers have somewhat limped their way into the month of June, it has at times felt like there was a new injury popping up on the roster every week. Sometimes, that has actually been true.

Three-fifths of the original starting rotation is down with injury, as is the starting center fielder, starting shortstop, starting third baseman, a small handful of relievers, and numerous other players. That the Brewers are still in first place in the NL Central is a small miracle.

To their fans, it probably feels like the Brewers are running away with the title of the most injured team in MLB for 2023. While that's not exactly the case, Milwaukee does rank pretty highly (which is not a good thing) when it comes to total days lost to the injured list up to this point of the season.

Just where do the Brewers rank in terms of days lost to injury so far in 2023?

Going into games on June 5th, the Brewers have had players spend a combined 568 days on the injured list so far in the 2023 season according to Spotrac. That's equivalent to three players missing the entire season and another missing half of it and we're not even halfway through this one.

17 players have spent time on the injured list for Milwaukee so far this season with three pitchers (Aaron Ashby, Justin Wilson, Jason Alexander) having spent all 68 days on it in 2023. Third baseman Luis Urias, who went down in the team's Opening Day contest, is up next with 66 days on the IL, while Brandon Woodruff is right behind with 56. All five players currently reside on the 60-day IL.

Though that makes the Brewers a very injured team, it not only doesn't make them the most injured team in the league, it doesn't even make them the most injured team in their own division.


Starting with all of MLB, Milwaukee currently ranks 8th in days lost to the injured list so far in 2023. The team with the most days lost to injury is actually the New York Yankees with a whopping 769 followed by their crosstown rival New York Mets with 716.

Amazingly enough, six of the seven teams above the Brewers all come from the National League. One of them, the Cincinnati Reds, is the one NL Central team with more games lost to injury (619) than the Crew.

So even though it might not feel like it, the Brewers aren't actually the most injured team in MLB so far this season. That might be little solace to some fans, but just know that it could always be worse.

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