Milwaukee Brewers: Five potential moves to be thankful for

ST. LOUIS, MO - AUGUST 27: Chris Archer
ST. LOUIS, MO - AUGUST 27: Chris Archer /

It is Thanksgiving weekend and the Milwaukee Brewers are working towards a playoff appearance. That is something every fan would be thankful for.

However, in order to get there it will require some key moves. With plenty of moves to make this will create a 32 team chess game for Milwaukee Brewers general manager David Stearns. Getting to October is not an easy task.

Here at Reviewing the Brew we have navigated several different options. Some of them are more viable than others. Some of them are pure crazy. But, there are some that could be integral in getting the Brewers into October once again. These would be the five moves to be most thankful for.

5. Back end starter

This would not be a bad move, all things considered. There are some cheap options, but they come with a high age. That type of veteran presence could be good. Someone, like maybe Jake Peavy, would do plenty of good.

Giving Chase Anderson the chance to shine at the top of the rotation as the ace is a good idea. After all, that is his nickname. Finding the right piece to the back end of the rotation could be just the way to do that.

4. Dee Gordon

Getting Gordon would be great. Miami is looking to move some of their larger contracts and there is a fit at second base. The Milwaukee Brewers are in need of an everyday second baseman and it could come at a rare discounted price.

It is an interesting position. After resigning Eric Sogard there is hard too see the opening for an everyday second baseman. He and Hernan Perez look to be in more of a platooning split. But getting Gordon would make that more clear.

3. International signings

This is more of a broad thing. The signing of Mike Groopman makes this look more likely. Obviously everyone wants Shohei Otani, but he may not be the answer for the Crew considering it is unlikely he ends up there.

But, this is a very strong international free agent class. Miles Mikolas is one intriguing option for the rotation. That is just the tip of the iceberg as far as the potential international candidates. With all of the pitchers out there, it won’t be hard to find the right fit.

2. Not signing Jake Arrieta

This is not technically a move to make, just to avoid. Arrieta is past is prime and regressed since his Cy Young year. Signing him is bringing back way too many memories of Matt Garza. Not good. So not spending the money on him would be best for the Milwaukee Brewers.

1. Chris Archer

Years of control out of a top flight arm? Yes please. While there is no actual indication the Tampa Bay Rays are planning to move him, if they do it will be the best option. It will cost at least one of the teams top four prospects and it is worth it.

I would be very thankful to see Archer pitching for the Brewers. He is very talented. Despite a down year, he still showed a ton of talent. And the Crew’s coaching staff would do wonders for the ace.

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It is good to take time to be thankful around this time of year. We here at Reviewing the Brew hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Looking forward to what could be franchise changing moves is something to be hopeful about.