Milwaukee Brewers: Orioles looking to move Manny Machado?

PITTSBURGH, PA - SEPTEMBER 26: Manny Machado /

Wouldn’t Manny Machado look great in a Milwaukee Brewers jersey? Miller Park would greet that sight very warmly.

Sure, there is not technical opening for Machado in the Milwaukee Brewers infield. But that should not be an issue. There is a spot at second where someone could slide over to make room for the O’s superstar. Plus, if the Mariners plan to use Dee Gordon in centerfield, anything is possible.

If worst comes to worst, Orlando Arcia can slide over to second and Machado can play shortstop. Most likely merely a pipe dream. One of the more interested teams is the St. Louis Cardinals. They may pursue the young superstar heavily once this Giancarlo Stanton debacle gets figured out.

There are a few glaring issues with the Machado idea. First off, he will be expensive as far as prospects. Baltimore is not actively shopping their top player around, they are just not afraid to say yes to the right offer. That price, however, is probably very steep. It would almost be worth paying for that combination of offense and defense.

Though Machado hit a tick under .260 last season, he nailed 33 homers in the process. It was a down year at the plate, but that is certainly a fluke. If it is not, maybe it is a change of scenery that will help. Say, Baltimore to Milwaukee? He truly is a dynamic player, and only

Paying the price is more than likely not going to be worth the cost. At the end of the 2018 season, Machado hits the open market as a free agent. So, the Milwaukee Brewers would have to give up a lot of solid youngsters for a year of play. After that, should they want to resign him, it will cost a lot of money. That is not usually the plan for the Crew.

All that aside, Machado in Milwaukee would be amazing. His play on defense would ignite the team. Not to mention it gives lineup consistent pop throughout the year. That kind of leadership by example is more helpful than it appears.

It is not impossible to think that Machado could end up playing for the Milwaukee Brewers. With an expendable Keon Broxton, or even Lewis Brinson, to use as a centerpiece, the other pieces just need to fall around them.

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There is little doubt that the Brewers have the farm system to put the trade together. The question is, would it be worth it? That is a question that can be long debated. It probably is not worth giving up Brinson or Broxton for one year of service. But, then again, it might be.