5 Reasons Why The Brewers Can Win The World Series In 2023

They're in the dance. Here's why they can be the last ones dancing.
Milwaukee Brewers v Miami Marlins
Milwaukee Brewers v Miami Marlins / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages
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Reason #3: The Brewers offense is finally clicking

The biggest question mark about this Brewers team all season was if the offense could do enough to win in October. The offense went cold in 2021 which was the reason for the early exit that postseason and for most of the year the offense was uninspiring. This team was built around pitching and defense and the offense just needed to do enough and sometimes they weren't.

But lately, this offense has kicked into high gear and it couldn't have come at a better time. The additions of Mark Canha and Carlos Santana at the Trade Deadline have made this a more complete unit offensively and the lineup has been vastly improved. The Brewers were operating with a couple of black holes in their lineup before. Not anymore.

The big inning has been a huge part of the Brewers winning a lot more games over the last two months. The number for September is up to 12 now after the 12 run inning against the Marlins on Friday.

The Brewers had a great month of April, then things went cold offensively for a few months. As soon as Santana and Canha were added, all of a sudden the amount of big innings jumped. That's been no coincidence. Canha has been electric, hitting .306 with a .854 OPS and 32 RBIs. He's added thump and production to a middle of the lineup that desperately needed it.

With Milwaukee scoring runs like they are, that puts them in a better position to win heading into October. As much as it's about talent, it's about getting hot at the right time. The Phillies barely snuck into the playoffs last year but made the World Series because they got hot at the end of the year and carried that hot offense into October. If the Brewers can do that, especially with their pitching staff, they can do the same.

The two keys to this offense fully clicking are Willy Adames and Christian Yelich. Adames struggled for most of those middle months of the year, which is why the offense struggled. Once Adames started hitting better, the whole offense got better around him. If he's hot in October, this team can do some amazing things. Also when Christian Yelich is hot in the leadoff spot, this offense is taken to a whole another level. He returned to the lineup on Friday and slugged two homers, looking like his old self. When his back is acting up, he doesn't play well. If Yelich's back is healthy, he's a fearsome hitter.

Even if Yelich's back does start to act up during October, the Brewers offense proved they can get the job done without him over the last week and a half he was sitting. The 2018 and 2019 teams were overly reliant on Yelich's production to carry the offense. That's not the case this year.