Brewers: Complete Draft Grades Of The Brewers 2023 Draft Class

How did the Brewers do in this year's draft?

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The 2023 MLB Draft came to an end on Tuesday with the final 10 rounds taking place. The Milwaukee Brewers selected 21 players and made some exciting selections.

The story of this draft class is pitching, with the Crew selecting 16 pitchers of their 21 picks. Nine of their 10 picks on Day Three were pitchers.

Overall, how did the Brewers do in this year's Draft? We'll go through and grade the picks and give an overall grade for the class. While we won't fully know the results of this draft until years down the road, these initial grades are based on what we know of these players at the time.

Brewers Draft Grades - 1st round (18) - Brock Wilken, 3B, Wake Forest

The second tier of college hitters was getting decimated in the run up to the Brewers selection at 18 overall. Starting at pick 11, six of the seven picks prior to Milwaukee were college hitters and five of them played up the middle positions, which is exactly what the Brewers historically liked.

What was left for the Brewers among the college bats was a couple of third basemen, TCU's Brayden Taylor and Wake Forest's Brock Wilken. Taylor was ranked higher by most in the industry and he's a better bet to hit at the next level, but the Brewers opted to select Wilken.

Wilken's raw power is arguably the best in the Draft. The Brewers need a righty power bat to play a corner spot in their system. They got one with Wilken. It was maybe a few spots too early for him, and of course Taylor was selected by Tampa Ray right after the Brewers at 19.

Milwaukee should get some slot savings with Wilken, which they will use later. It fills an organizational need, it's the best power you'll find, and it helps them sign other picks. I wish the hit tool wasn't as big of a question mark, but it remains to be seen if he'll hit enough to make use of his massive power. The Brewers seemed to make the best of their board being run through.

Grade: A-