Brewers Dream Scenario Mock For The 2023 MLB Draft

If the Draft works out this way, it'll be a dream come true for Brewers brass
Colorado Rockies v Milwaukee Brewers
Colorado Rockies v Milwaukee Brewers / John Fisher/GettyImages

It's not often your dreams come true. Every once in a while though, they do. If the Brewers are lucky, they could see their dream scenario in the 2023 MLB Draft play out.

What is that dream scenario, though? From the outside, it's hard to truly know for sure what the Brewers are thinking and dreaming of, but we can gather a pretty good idea.

Based on the Brewers historical tendencies, we can picture what types of hitters and pitchers they like to target. From there, we can put together a mock draft that should look a lot like Milwaukee's ideal start to their draft class.

For the purposes of this mock draft article, we will mock the Day 1 selections, which covers the first three picks for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Brewers Dream Scenario Mock - Round 1(18 overall)

Selection: Matt Shaw, SS, Maryland

I continue to believe that Matt Shaw makes the most sense for Milwaukee. If he's on the board at 18 overall, I have a hard time seeing the Brewers going any other direction with their pick.

Shaw checks every box the Brewers look for. He plays a premium position at shortstop and can stick there long term, he's uber athletic, with plus speed, and he has a plus hit tool with solid-above average power to go along with. It's a fantastic toolset that the Brewers have targeted before and they are likely to target again.

In some mock drafts, Shaw has been trending higher, moving up into the early teens and he potentially won't be available to Milwaukee at 18. The second tier of college bats, which is the group the Brewers are likely to select from, is probably going to see at least one or two members fall to Milwaukee. If the Brewers are lucky, Shaw will be one of those that falls into their lap, likely running to the podium to make the pick.

Brewers Dream Scenario Mock - Competitive Balance Round A (33)

Selection: Jack Hurley, OF, Virginia Tech

The last time the Brewers had a pick in the Comp A round, they doubled up on college bats with Sal Frelick and Tyler Black in 2021. In their dream scenario in 2023, they likely do the exact same thing, grabbing another talented hitter in Virginia Tech centerfielder Jack Hurley.

Hurley has a full toolset as well, potentially being a five tool player at maturity. He had a somewhat down year this spring, causing his draft stock to fall slightly, but this is an extremely talented player. The bat plays, the power is real, the speed is legitimate, and he could end up being above average in every category.

Hurley fits the Brewers profile with the bat-to-ball skills and athleticism. He's also a left-handed hitter as an outfielder, which also is something the Brewers just can't help but love.

Other options that would be "dream" picks at 33 for the Brewers are Michigan State's Mitch Jebb, Monsignor-Bonner (PA) HS's Kevin McGonigle, Magnolia Heights (MS) HS's Cooper Pratt, and JSerra (CA) HS's Trent Caraway.

Brewers Dream Scenario Mock - Round 2(54)

Selection: Cade Keuhler, RHP, Campbell

The Fighting Camels of Campbell University have been churning out talent of late and Cade Keuhler seems like one that will catch Milwaukee's eye.

The Brewers don't often go with pitchers in the first round anymore, but they do like a good second round pitcher. After doubling up on college bats with their first two picks, finishing out Day 1 with a high upside pitcher they can develop would be the cherry on top.

Milwaukee is very analytically inclined with their pitching selections and Keuhler stands out in that area. He has a plus fastball that touches 98 MPH with elite metrics and spin rates and induced vertical break and all those other nerdy terms that just mean that pitch is nasty. Keuhler has a plus slider as well and a full four pitch arsenal.

Keuhler's ability to spin the ball, his pitch analytics, and deceptiveness will make him stand out in the Brewers draft model. If he's still on the board at 54 overall, scouting director Tod Johnson would be ecstatic to pick him. If he's able to land Keuhler on top of already getting Shaw and Hurley, he'd have to pinch himself to make sure it wasn't a dream.

If the top of the 2023 MLB Draft plays out like this for Milwaukee, they would be very, very happy.