Fanatics, Nike Rob Brewers Fans Of Friday Tradition With Latest Uniform Blunder

The Brewer will be without their City Connect uniforms for a while
Milwaukee Brewers left fielder Christian Yelich (22) is called out on strikes during the fourth
Milwaukee Brewers left fielder Christian Yelich (22) is called out on strikes during the fourth / Jovanny Hernandez / Milwaukee Journal

Fanatics and Nike have been under a lot of heat this year regarding jerseys of MLB teams across the league. Issues have ranged from see through pants, mismatching colors, visible sweat stains, and much more. Their newest blunder has now impacted the Milwaukee Brewers and their fans.

Milwaukee Brewers fans robbed of seeing Friday jersey tradition in game against the Seattle Mariners.

For years the Brewers have worn alternate jersey's during home games on Fridays. The pinstriped jerseys were the selection for quite some time, but over the past few seasons their City Connect uniforms have been the go to.

This tradition is an important part of the baseball season. Fans get excited coming to the ballpark or turning on their television knowing that for one day alternative uniforms will be on display. These jerseys also tend to among the top sold and their uniqueness makes them highly coveted.

Unfortunately the Brewers and their fans were unable to experience this tradition during the teams first home Friday game of the year against the Seattle Mariners. Per Curt Hogg at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel the reason for this is because they had not yet arrived from Fanatics and Nike. As a result Milwaukee wore their plain white uniforms.

Turns out that the Brewers were not the only team to have this issue on Friday night as the Texas Rangers also had not yet received their City Connect uniforms from Fanatics and Nike. Similar to the Brewers the Rangers also have a tradition of wearing alternate uniforms during home games at the end of the week.

All this is yet another issue to add to Fanatics and Nike taking over production of MLB uniforms. Some problems were first noted during spring training, but we are now over a week into the regular season and new complications continue to arise.