Brewers: 5 MLB Draft Prospects That Should Be On The Crew's Short List In Round 1

These players should be atop the Crew's draft board
2022 MLB Draft
2022 MLB Draft / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

The Milwaukee Brewers will not be lacking options when it comes to the 18th overall pick in the 2023 MLB Draft. It's one of the most loaded classes in the last decade and no matter which route the Brewers go, they'll be adding a top prospect to the organization.

Which route will they go, though? There are so many options, it can be tough to choose. As the Brewers scouts finished their evaluations and the final version of the Crew's draft board has taken shape, the top candidates the Brewers like bubble to the top.

Even though the Brewers are picking in the back half of the first round, they are going to be down to just a handful of candidates they're considering with the 18th overall pick at this point.

Here are the 5 MLB Draft prospects that should be on the Milwaukee Brewers short list in the first round of the 2023 Draft.

1. Matt Shaw, SS, Maryland

Three above average tools on offense and the ability to stick up the middle make Matt Shaw an obvious fit in the Brewers draft model. While the Brewers have preferred hit-over-power types, Shaw is no slouch when it comes to the power department, slugging 24 homers this year after hitting 22 homers last year. It'd be a dream for the Brewers to land Shaw, and he tops the short list.

2. Jacob Wilson, SS, Grand Canyon

Jacob Wilson, the son of former Pirates infielder Jack Wilson, is one of the top college shortstops in the draft and he surprisingly could be available at 18 overall. Wilson had previously been thought of as a top 10 lock, but rumors are he's been falling and the Brewers could happily snatch him up later like they did with Garrett Mitchell in 2020. His hit tool is plus, possibly even double plus with the amount of contact he makes. Wilson has struck out just 12 times in the last two years combined. He can stick at shortstop defensively, and makes tons of contact.

3. Tommy Troy, SS, Stanford

Another solid option if Shaw or Wilson aren't available is Stanford infielder Tommy Troy. An instant starter at a powerhouse in Stanford, Troy hit .394 this year with 17 bombs. He's another hit over power type with athleticism and the ability to stick up the middle. The makeup with Troy is another plus and he would make a lot of sense for Milwaukee.

4. Nolan Schanuel, 1B/OF, Florida Atlantic

The only corner bat on this list, Nolan Schanuel is the rare hit-over-power first baseman that is legitimately a first round pick. The Brewers don't select corner bats very often, but Schanuel could break the Brewers model. His numbers at FAU were stupid, hitting ,447 with a .615 OBP, 19 homers, and 71 walks to just 14 strikeouts. The hit tool is legit at a corner spot and the Brewers don't have many of those in the system. He'd be listed higher if he played a premium position, but in Milwaukee's system, first basemen are at a premium. He can also play a corner outfield spot if need be.

5. Hurston Waldrep, RHP, Florida

The only pitcher on this short list, Hurston Waldrep is the only college arm that could be available at 18 that's worth taking at that spot. He had an exceptional NCAA Tournament and he has the type of stuff the Brewers pitching lab loves to work with. It's an analytic friendly profile that needs refinement on command and consistency. There's true ace upside in here and if the Brewers believe they can get it out of him, he could be their pick.

Of all the potential first round picks out there, these five are on my shortlist for who I believe the Brewers will and should target. They fit the Brewers recent draft model and are all likely to be selected around the time the Brewers are on the clock.