John Axford Mustache Facts: 2011 NLDS Edition


Hello everyone.  It has been many moons since I broke out my little black book (literally, I keep all of the JAMF’s in a black book).  There comes a time in every man’s life where he must re-visit things from his past.  In my quest for more facts about the facial hair that graces the face of Brew City’s finest door slamming specialist, I have done many silly things.  This is a silly thing that I am very proud of.

For those of you visiting our site for the first time, thank you.  This was the first idea I had for this site when I was brought on as a contributor (one year ago next month).  In fact, I have not busted one of these babbies out since June 15th.  Heading to Arizona with 2-0 series lead in the NLDS, seemed like a great time for all of us to sit back with our favorite beverage and enjoy some John Axford Mustache Facts:

John Axford Mustache Facts:

– John Axford’s Mustache is hung over every bed in Canada.  They say it catches your dreams and keeps them safe.

– John Axford’s Mustache studied under Akira Yoshizawa, to master the ancient art of oragami.

– John Axford’s Mustache owns a chain of cobbler shops in the south of France.

– John Axford’s Mustache is always wearing his power suit.

– John Axford’s Mustache glows under black lights. 

– John Axford’s Mustache takes his afternoon tea in the east wing.

– John Axford’s Mustache recently had a baby, Derek Holland’s mustache (see here).

– John Axford’s Mustache absorbs more power from the sun than 50 solar panels laid side by side. 

– John Axford’s Mustache is known to many in Central America as, “Los pelos dorados de la cara de los Dioses”, (rough translation: Golden face hairs of the gods)

– John Axford’s Mustache still holds the Notre Dame Film School keg-stand record, a stunning 76 seconds. 

– John Axford’s Mustache knows how to properly use chopsticks.

– John Axford’s Mustache thinks that Adam West was the best Batman.

– John Axford’s Mustache does not smell fear, he tastes it.

– John Axford’s Mustache has his Wisconsin state fishing license

– John Axford’s Mustache was scheduled to attend the Roast of Charlie Sheen, but he had about 11,000 better things to do. 

Who knows if I will ever do one of these again.  If you enjoyed this and you want some more, here are all of the previous mustache facts articles: JAMF 1JAMF 2JAMF 3JAMF 4, JAMF Jr., JAMF 6.   Wow, I can not believe that this is the 7th installment of John Axford Mustache Facts.  That puts us at 105 total mustache facts.  Hope you enjoyed them, because I have always enjoyed creating them. 

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Go Brewers!!!!